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1. What Does My Name CIMINO Mean?
The name is of Italian origin which means a spice dealer. It can also be Cimini which is a family who came from Orvieto.

2. What Does My Name DOBOSZ Mean?
Came from a Jewish origin. It means courageous or noble. The beginning of this name came from the old Slavic dobie.

3. What Does My Name BAYLE Mean?
From the word BEAU. The name means beautiful. But this name becomes a popular boy's name in U.S.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name CARMA Mean?
This is a Sanskrit name meaning FATE. In some sources, this name means garden or vineyard. This is a popular girl's name.

5. What Does My Name VALERIA Mean?
It is a female's name meaning strong, heathy and capable. This is originated from the name Valentine and the herb which is called Valeriana officialis.

6. What Does My Name BOUZA Mean?
This is a Galician. It means fenced-plantation of trees or infertile land. It is also a surname where it can be found in 4 different countries.

7. What Does My Name BANG Mean?
This is a variety if Korean, Norwegian or Danish surname. It means loud for Danish. A habitational name who lives in Bang for Norwegian.

8. What Does My Name JULIE Mean?
It is a popular girl's name from Latin. This also means a bold girl, youthful, beautiful and vivacious. The variety can be Julia or if it's for a boy, Julius.

9. What Does My Name OVERTON Mean?
This name is an English habitational name which means enclosure or settlement. From Old English, it means riverbank or slope. It is from an old word UFERA meaning upper.

10. What Does My Name ARAGON Mean?
It is a both Spanish and French origin. This is a place called Aragon. An independent kingdom which is named after a river which arises in the northwestern corner.

What does my name mean

11. What Does My Name FITE Mean?
This is a surname found in Warwickshire. It is an American version of the German Viet. Which means it is of German origin.

12. What Does My Name ATKIN Mean?
This is an interesting surname which derives from AD which means red earth where the first man has been created and KIN which is an Old English suffix.

13. What Does My Name BRENNAN Mean?
It is both Irish or Gaelic name. This is derived from defendants of Braonan. It can be a given name for both boy or girl. It means brave.

14. What Does My Name DIANNE Mean?
This is a French girl's name that came from Diana. The name means beauty and swiftness which from the mythological ancient Roman divinity.

15. What Does My Name MITCHELL Mean?
It is a surname which derives from the Saxon and Anglian words which means BIG. In Hebrew, this boy's name means a gift from God.

16. What Does My Name LEHRER Mean?
This is a German name which means teacher. It can also be locational and derive from the word LEAH which is an enclosure which is best for agriculture.

17. What Does My Name PATES Mean?
The name is both Scottish and English. It is a short term for Patrick. From French meaning paws which is applied to a man with big and clumsy feet.

18. What Does My Name BATES Mean?
This is derived from the medieval times where the original name is Bartholomew. This can also be from the word Bar-Talmay means rich in land.

19. What Does My Name PARIKH Mean?
The name is mostly use for Indian Hindu people. It came from Gujarati word ASSAYER which means a diamond examiner UB Sanskrit.

20. What Does My Name MISTY Mean?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

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21. What Does My Name NED Mean?
This is a popular English name which means Wealthy Guardian. It came from Eadweard meaning happy and rich guardian. Also from Edgar which means fortunate and powerful.

22. What Does My Name HANNI Mean?
This name came from the name Hannah. It means Grace or the one who is favored by God. This is a very nice girl's name.

23. What Does My Name HASTIE Mean?
The name was originated from the early medieval English. Derives from Middle English word HASTI or Old French HASTIF which means a speed or quick person.

24. What Does My Name BILLS Mean?
It is surname which is a part of ancient legacy of Anglo Saxon tribes. It is originally came from a person who is a maker of polearms, haberds and billhoose which are old weapons.

25. What Does My Name HORSEY Mean?
This is an English habitational name which derives from Horse Island. It came from Norfolk, Somerset and Sussex. From the old English word HORS means hose plus low lying land.

26. What Does My Name BABICH Mean?
It is of Ukrainian origin which means old woman. This is a widely used surname. Derives from Polish and Russian word BABA which means grandmother.

27. What Does My Name ATEAGA Mean?
This name means success and endurance. The person with this name feels that they need to thrive harder because they are not ordinary.

28. What Does My Name VIVIEN Mean?
In French, Vivien it means ALIVE. For Latin, the male opposite is Vivianus which means VIVUS or alive. In Great Britain, this name is being widely use for females.

29. What Does My Name BREAZEALE Mean?
It means a variant of Irish and Brazil. This name can also mean a good leader and organizer. This is a good name for babies because t can also mean curious and creative.

30. What Does My Name HOOKER Mean?
The name came from the root word HOOK or it also means makers of hooks. It is also said that it is of English mainly Southeastern origin.

31. What Does My Name NATERA Mean?
This name represents versatility, enthusiasm and agility. It can also mean unconventional methods. This is originated in Venezuela.

32. What Does My Name GORDON Mean?
This is a masculine name. It is a Scottish surname which means comes from a place called Spacious Fort. In Welsh, the word GOR means Spacious and DIN meaning Fort.

33. What Does My Name MCCOLE Mean?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

34. What Does My Name MIMI Mean?
It is come from the name Miryam which is a Hebrew name. It means Sea of Sorrow or Bitterness. It is also means Mistress of the Sea.

35. What Does My Name NUGENT Mean?
It is an English and Irish name which is Norman in origin. It represents several places in the Northern France. Means New Settlement.

36. What Does My Name JOHANSEN Mean?
It is a Scandinavian patronymic name which means son of Johan. The name is common in Denmark as well as Norway.

37. What Does My Name FINKLER Mean?
This is a proud symbol of the ancient Jewish. It is a popular name in the medieval Germany which means diamond.

38. What Does My Name NANAS Mean?
The name means Grace of One who favors by God. It is a Hebrew name of origin and is also used as a surname.

39. What Does My Name LYDAY Mean?
The name is already Americanize but the real meaning if this name is German Leidig. The essence of the name is power, practicality and ambition.